Emotional lows and bingeing.

by sethosayher

I just had a fight with my mom.

Trust me, that’s not a particularly unique thing to record.

What is worth talking about is how I felt afterwards.

I wanted to binge.

I wanted to buy a 3 buck case of Keebler rainbow cookies and erase all the anger and resentment and sweltering rage with tiny, explosive bites of sugar-fueled pleasure.

It’s amazing how much our emotions can fuel cravings. Even though eating fatty, awful food like that contributed to my general unhappiness, for a moment I thought I could banish my negative feelings with a quick but ultimately disastrous fix.

I guess situations like that are when reflective eating is the most useful. Actually sitting down and meditating on what we’re feeling when we’re about to eat forces us to confront the possibility that we’re eating for the wrong reasons. Indulging when we’re already physically sated. Gorging to drown out depression or fatigue or any other ill feeling.

Think before you eat.